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Today, offer technical services companies with high added value, It presupposes a relationship of type "consulting" with the Customer.

The speed of response to testing needs is a key aspect of the service that Pontlab is able to offer its customers.



Some experiences with Customers:


Analysis and research new materials

Need: a group operating in the cultural heritage sector, It has the need to compare the chemical composition of materials removed with the materials used in a particular historical period.

Answer: Pontlab has carried out the chemical analysis through the use of analytical techniques such as the investigation of the infrared spectrum (FT-IR), thermogravimetric balance (TGA), and using the Scanning Electron Microscope microprobe (SEM and EDS).

Need: a large waste processing company has the need to perform chemical analyzes and tests on polymeric materials obtained from recycling of waste and scrap.

Answer: Pontlab has carried out the chemical analyzes required to ensure that they were not present elements prohibited by current regulations and has carried out the mechanical tests to evaluate the resistance.

Outsourcing prove

Need: a large automotive company needs to outsource a series of validation tests and control of production processes, characterized by high volumes, continuity of execution and real-time visibility of results.

Answer: Pontlab has prepared a rehearsal room dedicated to continuous operation, Monitoring remote services available to the customer and collection and delivery of samples.


Reverse engineering e prototyping

Need: a large motorcycle company needs to replicate, in a very short time, a style template of a vehicle in a few samples to be used during the presentation of a new vehicle.

Answer: Pontlab performed the 3D laser scanning the style of the vehicle model and has produced a series of plastic molds with which it has been possible to replicate the required number of vehicles.

Need: our customer has to scan via the technique of 3D laser scanning some artwork and process the results in order to have a thumbnail of the original.

Answer: through our portable instrumentation have made the digitization of the work of art and then drew up the result to get a miniature work through rapid prototyping.


Failure analysis

Need: investigate the cause of the fault (mechanical disruption) as part of a judicial examination through chemical analysis, 3D measurements, observations with a scanning electron microscope with microprobe (SEM + EDS).

Answer: study of analysis / testing correct to be made for the search for possible causes of failure. The analyzes carried out indicated the main causes of breakage.

Need: a company in the marine industry has instructed us to determine the causes of shaft breakage of a sailing boat.

Answer: investigations and analyzes carried out through the scanning electron microscope (SEM) They have highlighted the main cause of the rupture.


environmental Testing

Need: a large company in the fashion industry needs to test the resistance of its products to solar radiation.

Answer: fabrics and leathers were subjected to accelerated aging by the Xenotest, engines and the effect that solar rays produced.

Need: a company had to check the resistance of their electronic cards to significant temperature fluctuations (shock termico).

Answer: the electronic boards were subjected to thermal shocks by monitoring in real time the temperatures of the cold chamber -25 ° C and of the hot chamber + 100 ° C. During the test the temperatures of some components were monitored (display LCD, DSP, etc.) through the application of thermocouples.


Mechanical tests and fatigue tests

Need: a large company in the aerospace industry has the need to compare the fatigue strength between a particular steel and the same particular made of composite material.

Answer: every detail has been tested in accordance with the cycles of fatigue required, monitoring the technical parameters of the test (power, shift, frequency, elongation). The test was performed with a load of 22 tons and with a frequency of about 5 Hz.


Calibration at the customer

Need: a large company in the automation industry needs to check the status with a certain frequency equipment calibration of test benches placed along the assembly lines and to maintain the functionality, without interrupting production.

Answer: Pontlab has defined the calibration procedures on each test bench (considering the entire measurement chain) and it intervened with technical teams. The activity is planned and carried out directly at the customer, adjustments and replacements of tools, also minimizing production downtime.