The tomography industrial computed (industrial CT X-Ray scan) It is a non-destructive diagnostic methodology. The technology computed tomography, long used in medical diagnostic field, It has been enhanced and adapted to the specific industrial applications, this allows, through analysis of advanced non-destructive, to investigate the internal and external structure of the components and identify any defects and problems, as an example:

  • Identification of internal defects in the material such as porosity, cracks, inclusions etc..
  • Functional defects linked to assembly or operation of the component such as a deformation during assembly, checking alignment of components,
  • Overview of the component and in points normally not accessible and / or visible.

Imagine being able to do these tests with a metrological accuracy of a few microns, certified according to VDI 2630. Imagine being able to measure the internal components in their exact working position, without the need to open the object. Having the opportunity to explore the interior “sectioning” There virtually the object will produce results and information hitherto not possible with other technologies.

Pontlab chose Baker Hughes GE V TOME X M 300, that manages to combine the advantages of Industrial Tomography with the measurement precision metrology.

The good power of the machine and the measuring metrological characteristics ensure reliable results.

In combination with other techniques Failure analysis, Pontlab will provide customers with more information about the resolution of problems.


It's’ You can see an example of the potential of the tool and software to link GE V TOME X.

Some practical applications in various sectors: