Our Mission

To provide our customers technical, methods and knowledge to measure, know and get certainty in their work.

Our Vision

Being partner of technical and economic progress for our Customers.



The economic context in which they operate companies is characterized by an ever increasing competitiveness. This means new and constant stimuli to contain costs, increase the quality of products / services, timeliness in responses, looking for innovative solutions.

In this context, Pontlab itself as "technical and economic progress partner for our customers", providing technical services with high added value. Not the case, Mission Pontlab is "to provide its customers technical, methods and knowledge to measure, know and get certainty in their work ".

To achieve the Vision and Mission, A stronger over time technical aspects and values ​​to establish with customers based on mutual trust, respect and benefit. These aspects characterize the staff and the working environment of Pontlab and constitute the main success factor.

Pride: the pride of being part of a team of technicians to address and resolve any issues.

Enthusiasm: the enthusiasm to see improving economic and qualitative performance of its customers partner.

Passion: The passion for technology and progress.

Professionalism: the competence and fairness of technicians and collaborators, punctual, careful, dedicated to building lifelong personalized consulting relationship with the customer.

Seriousness: promises kept, the resolution of issues, the achievement of objectives with the necessary timing.

Innovation 360 °: proactive stance to improve constantly and always be a step ahead of the other services, in the manner and in the working environment, in equipment and analytical techniques.

For these purposes, the Department of Pontlab is fully aware of the importance of promoting, develop and support the following activities:

  • accurate calculation of customer needs;
  • development of services tailored to customer needs;
  • definition and diffusion within the company of the requirements that the services offered must meet, in particular in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025;
  • constant pursuit of good professional practice and quality of tests performed;
  • establishing targets, structured for the different levels of the organization;
  • spreading awareness of the importance of the contribution of everyone in achieving goals;
  • diffusion of the importance of the values ​​of integrity and impartiality in the conduct of laboratory activities;
  • carrying out the tests in accordance with stated methods and requirements of customers;
  • support, enhancement and continuous increase the skills of its human resources;
  • application, development and improvement of the Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO / IEC 17025;
  • commitment to meet the statutory and regulatory requirements and those volunteers, including the accreditation body;
  • developing familiarity of laboratory personnel with the test methods, the documentation of the Management System for Quality and implement in their work policies and procedures;
  • pursuit of continuous improvement made to the Customer Service.

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