Each operations center in this area should be aware of the importance of calibration of instrumentation and implement various measures to ensure accuracy and compliance with the regulations. Therefore it is important to contact, for the calibration of its instruments, to a company capable of ensuring maximum reliability as Pontlab, that has been working in this field as a valid partner for companies that require calibration or calibration work.



The ISO 10012 "Measurement Management Systems - Requirements for Measurement Processes and Measurement Devices" states that "... an effective measurement management system ensures that measurement devices and processes are fit for purpose and is critically important in pursuing the qualitative objectives of the products and in managing the risk due to incorrect measurement results.

The objective of a measurement management system is to manage the risk that the devices and the measurement processes produce inaccurate results, affecting the quality of an organization's product. "

It is clear, therefore, the importance of an effective and efficient "measurement management system", which it constitutes for each organization a real "insurance" against the risk of non-compliant supplies to its customers.

Pontlab is proposed as a valid one partner to whom to entrust the entire process of managing the measurement instrumentation.

A flexible structure and qualified personnel are able to provide services and technical support and to manage the following activities completely in outsourcing:


  • Definition of control procedures and instrumentation management

    The choice of the instrument and of the measuring method suitable to verify the conformity of products must be made considering several factors, such as the simplicity and speed of the measurement, the reliability of the measurements over time, the cost-effectiveness of purchasing and managing equipment.

  • Calibration and metrological confirmation

    The measuring equipment is checked with time intervals to check that the measuring requirements of accuracy, precision and uncertainty They are tailored to the measures to be executed. The calibration is performed with traceability to recognized national and international standards (SIT, UKAS, DKD).

  • repeatability and reproducibility studies

    The adequacy of the measurement process is evaluated also considering variables such as the operators assigned to the measures, environmental conditions, degradation of the metrological characteristics over time. Pontlab is able to calibrate and confirm metrological instruments shown below.


Table 1
for dimensional measurements Instruments0 ÷ 1.200 mmuntil 1,4 µm
for pressure measurements Tools0 ÷ 350 baruntil 0,03% f.s.
Tools for measuring temperature-50°C ÷ 600°C0,1° C -50 ° C to give 200 ° C
1° C 200 ° C to give 400 ° C
2° C 400 ° C to give 600 ° C
for current measurements Tools, tensions, resistors0 ÷ 750 V DC-AC

0 ÷ 3 A DC-AC

0 ÷ 100 MΩ

until 0,005% f.s.
for couples measures Tools0 ÷ 500 Nmuntil 1,5 Nm
Tools for measuring masses, Strength0 – 1000 kguntil 0,5 mg
Tools for liquid flow measurements0 – 300 l / minuntil 0,1% v.m
Tools of gaseous flow measures (anemometri)0 – 30 m/s0,15 m/s