2003 Constitution AEQUALIS Ltd. – At the initiative of a group of companies with extensive expertise over the years in the mechanical engineering sectors, prototyping, metrology and quality certification, It founded a private laboratory tests and measurements on materials and components, calibration instrumentation, in a small warehouse located in the industrial area of ​​Gello Pontedera (PI). Start History.

2003-2006 – In the early years the company develops its services for the automotive, aeronautics, nautical, energy, progressively implementing its instrumentation and the first major partnership for the execution of mechanical and functional tests.

2007 – In January, the company achieved the first certification for the management systems UNI EN ISO 9001, while at year-end (November) buy the shed, until then leased, and he decides to begin a radical restructuring of the site does not suit business needs booming.

2008 Constitution Pontlab SCRL – In April Aequalis Ltd. and Pont-tech scrl (Consortium for Industrial Research and Technology Transfer) They are a non-profit consortium, under a Research and Innovation Local Development Program (PRIV) sponsored by the City of Pontedera, who in the meantime he had created the Center for Research and Training on Technological Innovation and Transfer of Technologies (CERFITT). The project is to build a multi-purpose laboratory able to provide enterprises with technology services in quality control, the analysis and characterization chimicho / physics of materials. The joint participation in the share capital, respectively 75,1% for the first and 24,9% for the second company.

2008 In June, the start of the building renovations. The project involves an expansion of the premises with the new construction of two new areas dedicated respectively to the laboratory and new offices. The initial area of ​​only 400 m will go to 1.100 sq.m.. the renovation is complete in 2011.

2009-2010 – Arrive first instrumentations and the new Pontlab laboratory is started for the analysis and physico-chemical characterization of materials. During this period, trade relations for the new consolidated assets and skills are developed.

2011 Pontlab increases capital and becomes Srl With the initial setting equal Pontlab and continue to operate independently, delivering services in an increasingly cross, until, in light of a growing strategic importance of the laboratories, in the context of promoting economic and social development, the City of Pontedera decides to enter into direct and majority stake in Pontlab, along with Pont-Tech and other qualified private partner to be identified with a public procedure.

The 14 December is signed a capital increase and Pontlab is converted into company profit. Aequalis srl, selected as the private partner, They are assigned specific operational tasks of service management and direct participation through the transfer of its properties, plant and laboratory equipment. The new and current company breakdown is as follows: City of Pontedera (50,83%), Aequalis srl (47,99%), Pont-Tech scrl (1,18%).

2012 Accredia Accreditation – In this year Pontlab gets credit as Laboratory N ° 1286 by Accredia, Italian accreditation body, in accordance with the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005.

2013 Impianto Smart User Pontlab continues to implement traditional laboratory work with ongoing investments, consolidates partnerships with Clients, Research institutions and universities in order to achieve both innovation projects as well as quality and process control products. In March, it opened a plant Smart User for the intelligent management of energy resources within the company result of collaboration with Yanmar R&D Europe, SDI, l’University of Florence, the Enel Research Center of Pisa.

2014 – This year marks an important moment for the company: It is opened a new office further 700 sq.m., within the CERFITT, dedicated to the analysis and characterization of non-metallic materials. Simultaneously in the seat Gello, Pontlab inaugurates and initiates the Laboratory of Stress Corrosion Cracking of metallic materials to carry out testing and analysis subjected to aggressive environments such as hydrogen sulfide. Pontlab enhances the area dedicated to functional tests.

Also in this year they come as major awards:

  • the Ambassadors of Europe Award, set up as part of the Tuscany Region in the 'scope of the conference "Research and Innovation: engine of growth and development for Europe "held during Smau Florence.
  • National Award for Innovation "Prize of Prizes", set up by the Italian Government, courtesy of the President of the Italian Republic, at the National Foundation for Technological Innovation COTEC, to celebrate the National Day of Innovation.
  • the "Enterprise Award for Innovation - Andrea Pininfarina", promoted by Confindustria, in which Pontlab receives l ' Award.

2015-2017 – Pontlab continues with passion, commitment and professionalism on its way, full of new challenges and hardships, but with the constant goal of improving its services, increase the accredited tests and technologies, increase their knowledge and training, promoting innovation in support of its Customers.

2018 – Pontlab expands its instrumentation by equipping itself with a latest generation machine to perform the Tomography Computerized Industrial, offering highly advanced non-destructive diagnostic services to investigate internal measurements and structures of components or products with extreme precision.

2020-2021 In compliance with the obligations set out in Legislative Decree. 19 August 2016 n° 75 (c.d. Consolidated law on publicly owned companies) and by Legislative Decree. 16 June 2017 n°100, the participation of public capital in the company is progressively reduced, first with the release of Pont-Tech (Pontedera & Technology) by the corporate structure e, later, with that of the Municipality of Pontedera which is completed at the end of January 2021.