The range of tests accredited by Accredia for automotive sector expands in Pontlab with a new functional test :

Rotating Flexion Fatigue Test on wheels for cars and trailers according to regulations:

UN Reg 124 2007/Cor1:2009/Amd1:2011 Annex 6

StVZO – Constr. and oper. Regulation – Section 30:2014 through 4.6.1

The rotating bending test is a fatigue test that allows to evaluate the resistance of the wheel by applying to it a rotating bending stress that simulates the conditions of use during the cornering of the vehicle.

This test is one of those necessary to obtain the approval of the wheels of cars and trailers, therefore its performance in an accredited third-party laboratory guarantees the quality and reliability of the test result and greater safety for our customers.