Company - Pontlab"Finding defects to propose solutions" Pontlab is the commitment to be the reference point in the material sciences, in testing and counseling through the activities of "testing & analysis”. A qualified team who every day dedicate their expertise to develop projects, improve products and provide complete solutions on time.

“Consulting” It is the activity that encompasses our commitment to research and development of our Customers.

We work in the fields of excellence evolving and through our expertise recognized by Certification Bodies.

Pontlab is equipped with tools and techniques that allow to analyze the characteristics of materials, simulate the conditions of use, predict the strength and behavior. The results are certified on a test report to give real value to our work and certainty to our Customers.



Company - Pontlab"We test your ideas

Pontlab has a flexible structure and multiservice, suitable to support different sized companies and in different sectors: Mechanical and automotive, chemist and pharmaceutical, oil & gas, fashion and luxury, food, manufacturing, building, etc.

Thanks to the most modern and sophisticated capital equipment and technical personnel with experience and multi-sectoral expertise, we are able to provide several services.

Our main activities are analysis, tests and measurements on materials, products and components.


"We give quick response to your needs

We provide businesses a full range of tools, Services and skills by providing customized solutions tailored to customer needs. The result is an innovative service, dynamic, characterized by professionalism.
We work with the Design Centers, Research and development, prestigious universities and offer our support: Search for new materials, Validation of design choices, Benchmarking of materials / products, Research and Development of new products / processes, Problem Solving, Qualification of suppliers, Certification of product / system, Validation processes, Application of voluntary and mandatory technical regulations.