Oil & Gas – Petrochemical

The Oil sector & Gas has its focus on mining and energy generation activities, which require the maximum safety and reliability of materials. Production continuity, in fact, it requires the use of products that withstand extreme conditions and maintain performance for prolonged times as many production sites for the generation of energy from steam or gas turbines, they are located in marine platforms or exposed to aggressive environments (sour gas).

Thanks to an expert team in the sector, Pontlab represents a valid support both in supporting the customer for the development of innovative solutions (eg regarding the best choice of a material), both for the identification of the causes of component failure.

Pontlab responds to design needs (engineering) using a modern laboratory dedicated to Stress corrosion cracking, through the activities of Stress Corrosion Cracking tests in sour gas or business Slow strain Rate*, death weight e proof ring, following the dictates of the NACE regulations, ISO o ASTM.

In developing new products, Pontlab allows you to anticipate the occurrence of potential failures analyzing the presence of surface defects or inclusions with the help of the SEM electron microscope, of Metallographic analysis and the support of modern technologies such as industrial computerized tomography or 3D laser scanning.


*Pontlab is the first laboratory in Italy and among the few in Europe to have obtained theAccredia accreditation for the execution of the Slow strain rate in sour gas test according to NACE TM0198 and ASTM G129