Precision is our fault

3d prototyping and MeasuresPontlab performs dimensional reliefs services, 3d prototyping and measures of finished products, components and objects in general, using high-precision tools metrological room heated, thereby ensuring high quality standards so, as well as the confidentiality of the technical data provided or acquired. E 'can also provide a personalized service at the Customer.

For these delicate instrumentation activities we chose our partners FARO, as a leader in the field. Main present instrumentation laboratory:

portable measuring instrument arm anthropomorphic by the following features:

  • large operating diameter,
  • high precision,
  • versatility and fixing speed for a smooth relief service directly on the machine


portable measuring instrument arm anthropomorphic by the following features:

  • large operating diameter,
  • three-dimensional laser scanning device optics,
  • data detection without contact,
  • high speed of detection for easy and rapid acquisition of even complex shapes,
  • generating a single scan file.


With the dimensional relief service is possible, for example, measure geometric dimensions and tolerances of mechanical parts, components and artifacts of various types.

The laser scanning technology allows you to capture any form, Also no geometrical. Once digitized, you can perform a reverse engineering or a dimensional inspection using 3D appears.



The application of laser technologies make it possible to 3D Compare scanned object, ie the comparison of the results obtained by scanning with 3D CAD models of reference provided by the Customer. This application allows you to highlight any critical areas and in particular the deviation of the real object with respect to what expected from the project. With the comparison software it is possible to highlight the critical gaps through "snapshot" on particular areas of the workpiece, investigate the deviations detected in the areas of particular interest (sovrametalli, mounting interference, etc.) and the progress of the thicknesses.


The technology of reverse engineering is used in a wide range of applications, not only industrial, and it is now essential to redesign and recreate everyday objects models, to replicate unique artifacts and mechanical design (motion, auto, scooter, barche etc.). The mathematical model obtained by laser scanning, It allows to reconstruct surfaces of any object in a short time, facilitating the realization of prototypes or molds for pre-series in different materials and, Consequently, reducing time-to-market product.