Polymeric and Plastic Materials

Polymeric materials have had a vertical development since the 1960s, changing our habits and accompanying us in many phases of our life.

In recent years, the recycling of plastic materials has been the center of attention around the world, bringing to the fore the importance of recycling materials to reduce waste and the impact on the environment. On the one hand, the determination of microplastics in the environment and on the other the technological development of products deriving from post-consumer or industrial waste.

Pontlab is able to carry out the quality control service of both new and new production plastic materials, both recycled and the determination of the environmental impact as microplastics.

In particular, we serve customers who produce plastic materials for industry and construction who must comply with mandatory regulations such as for the release of materials into the environment and the characteristics of resistance to weathering (xenotest, test ozono, climatic chamber, etc.).

Our technicians support customers in the development of new polymeric formulations for materials in contact with food (food contact) o the enhancement of recycled materials.

In the perspective of’circular economy, Pontlab has participated in key projects in collaboration with University and Research centers for the development of secondary products through the use of recycled material.

The laboratory operates following strict methodologies established by national laws and international reference assuring complete impartiality of the results. Pontlab is indeed credited as testing laboratory N ° 1286 L by Accredia, the Italian Accreditation body.