The Failure Analysis is a particular multidisciplinary investigation and discussion, which allows to investigate the causes that led to a component failure or degradation (aesthetic or functional).

The analysis provides directions and solutions to prevent the recurrence of critical conditions, also providing useful elements to the activities of Problem Solving.

In the activity of failure analysis I come analyzed fractures, surfaces, welds and joints, molded plastic materials, corrosion cracking, surface treatments and coatings (galvanizing, nichel plating etc.).

Competence and professionalism of the technical staff together with modern equipment, They are the key to give some response to your inquiries. This is why we chose the technology Zeiss for Scanning Electron Microscope SEM and Technology Oxford for analysis by microprobe EDS / EDX.

To provide technologically advanced services, Pontlab it is equipped with a Industrial Computed Tomography. With this tool you can observe the interior of the component without disassemble or dissect. Industrial Computed tomography is a technique that uses X-rays applied to various needs, as the verification of the porosity of the material, reverse engineering e, thanks to metrology version of our car, perform high-precision measurements.

Failure AnalysisFailure Analysis