Companies operating in the’automotive induced must produce according to quality standards high, in which operating margins are guaranteed only if the production process is structured with controls aimed at reduction of waste.

Pontlab gives robustness to the production process through a qualified team and dedicated instrumentation, that allow verification of the conformity of the finished product to the standards set by the customer. Testiamo i prodotti determinando i loro limiti di resistenza agli agenti atmosferici e alle prove funzionali, with specific tests of accelerated aging such as salt spray resistance, resistance to sunlight with Xenotest, aging in Climatic chamber, Mixed Flowing gases and Shock termico O aging in ozone. The tests are performed following specific regulations (ASTHMA, ISO, IEC..) that allow to define clear parameters of comparison.

The speed inanticipate potential non-conformities or failures it is a fundamental factor in optimizing the operating margins that are obtained with the preventive recognition of internal defects, porosity, with the analysis of morphology and dimensional checks for which Pontlab uses cutting-edge tools such as industrial computerized tomography, the analysis to SEM scanning electron microscope it is to 3D laser scanning.

Continuous improvment develops business skills, to which Pontlab contributes improving the production process through the study of alternative blends, with the physico-chemical characterization of materials metallic and polymeric, obtained with analysis tools TGA, DSC, FT-IR, DMA, with Industrial tomography/3D laser scanning and functional through analysis al SEM electron microscope and with functional tests (is. Radial load on rims and tires, Rotating Bending on rims, Brake test stand, etc.) .

Particular importance is given by the department it deals with Failure Analysis, that is, investigations to search for the causes that led to a break or failure.

The sector is moving towards’electro-mobility that involves, in addition to electric motors, auxiliary services and infotainment systems.





In the particular sector Automotive Racing where performance and maximum reliability of components are sought with maximum precision in detail, the control of the entire supply chain and the preventive identification of defects they are therefore essential to maximize performances.

In support of customer needs, Pontlab verifies the conformity of raw materials used in the production process, for which it is possible to resort to techniques for the determination of glass transition, of the melting point, of the filler / additive content and of viscoelastic characteristics.

It's’ inoltre possibile effettuare analisi reologiche per la caratterizzazione chimico/fisica di un polimero (through DSC, TGA, TGA-IR, DMA, etc.), even on the finished product. The experience gained allows to anticipate potential failures which could compromise the results of a race, such as potential component failures. With the experience of the Pontlab team it is possible to carry out analyzes such as the determination of porosity, of internal defects through Tomography, the analysis of surface morphology or dimensional control with 3D laser scans.