Quality is in fashion

Pontlab has a division dedicated to the analysis and testing of leathers and fabrics, for the control quality and safety of materials used in the Fashion industry. We verify compliance with the standards required by the customer and by the reference standards.

Experience and expertise of our technicians are available to solve production problems related to textiles and leather both single and coupled.

On request customized tests can be implemented on finished product, its components and accessories, verifying the suitability and wear resistance.

The services include a broad range of analysis and testing of leathers and fabrics, both chemical-toxicological that physico-mechanical, and a valid support of regulatory type.

Our test laboratories operate in compliance with the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025, with recognition of certification issued by Accredia, the Italian Certification Body, which Laboratory testing N ° 1286.

Analisi e prove su pellami e tessutiThey can be executed :Analisi e prove su pellami e tessuti

  • Analysis and chemical and eco-toxicological tests
  • Physical Testing of wear resistance
  • Color fastness tests (Strofinio)
  • Try bending strength
  • Solar radiation resistance test ( xenotest ) according to UNI EN ISO 105 B02
  • Wet and heat resistance test ( tropical test )
  • Customized tests on clothing, footwear, from leather goods, accessories etc
  • Tests on components: Tomaio, Lining, Insole, Soles, heels, heeltaps, laces, Hinges, Hardware etc.
  • Analysis and testing of metal accessories, plastic etc..
  • Tests on stickers
  • Testing of the finished product ( fatigue, usury, etc)
  • Problem solving of the finished product
  • Failure analysis by Scanning Electron Microscope



To market a product in some foreign markets is necessary that the same complies with specific safety standards in force in that country.

Pontlab accompanies the client in the verification of the requirements in some countries such as:

  • Republic of China in which standards GB issued by Standardization Administration of China impose special restrictions on hazardous substances and safety. Thanks to partnership with an accredited Chinese laboratory, we can provide 5 working days from receipt of the sample, certificates of eligibility for export in the PRC.
  • United States in which standards CPSC issued by Consumer Product Safety Commission They are particularly stringent for products intended for children.

Pontlab performs free withdrawal at the Customer of test samples, and the service is active for ALL ITALY.

It's’ You can require the withdrawal of samples directly from’Reserved Area . In the area you can access many features such as the progress of the analysis, Downloading Test reports and invoices, request password for’access .

The service can be used by to be sent by e-mail attaching the Samples of Withdrawal Form duly completed.

The sample to be suitable object of testing and analysis, It must comply with certain requirements (in size, weight etc.) contained in the document Criteria for Acceptability Samples

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Download the document Criteri Acceptability of Samples