eco-efficient air laboratory Management

Project funded under the ROP ERDF Tuscany 2014-2020



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Pontlab took part in the project Sensor : New real time sensors for the detection of chemical and microbiological contaminants in environmental matrices and biomedical

The project “SENSOR” is co-financed / financed by the ROP ERDF 2014-2020 Toscana "


The primary purpose of the project is to develop innovative evaluation tools, management and communication of risk of contamination chemical and microbiological, to overcome l?current retrospective approach by promoting a preventive approach, and move from a local approach to a global approach of risk, extended to?entire supply chain, from collection to the end user point.

The SENSOR project intends to build devices capable of detecting in real-time, in an easy way, rapid, economic and sensitive unwanted agents that may affect the production process / activity.


The project SENSOR provides for the development of innovative sensors, and multi platforms- sensor, high sensitivity, for dynamic monitoring, in real-time of chemical and microbiological contaminants of air and water, and their integration into one innovative platform interoperable computerized acquisition, data management and sharing.