The aeronautics and defense sectors have in common with the railway and naval sectors, research and development of new technologies. L’Innovation of materials therefore it becomes the fundamental prerequisite for the future choices of the sector industry, with the study of new solutions for improving the performance of products, for greater efficiency in energy saving and for increasing reliability in terms of safety.

Each component must strictly comply with the design requirements and increasingly stringent regulatory standards.Turbine

Pontlab can give important support thanks to a know-how deriving from previous experience in the sector, the continuous updating of its staff and the most advanced technologies on the market.

The actions that Pontlab can take to support the customer may have as their object the verification of conformity of products compared to quality standards, o the preparation of studies for anticipate potential failures on finished products, until it also affects the improvement of the production process.

To achieve these goals, in addition to the exercise of continuous updating, Pontlab can arrange tests to verify resistance to atmospheric agents with accelerated aging (Salt spray test, Xenotest, Test in the climatic chamber, Mixed Flowing gases, Shock termico, Ozono test), or carry out morphological checks and dimensional checks using high-tech tools such as Computerized industrial tomography, the SEM scanning electron microscope o la 3D laser scanning.